Sonic Vitamins

All 12 Keys!

Take a little each day & your ears will grow.

About the Book

Do you want to learn more about the cerebral world of Jazz Improvisation? Sonic Vitamins is a musical method designed for young beginners AND advanced jazz players alike. In your hands is a compendium of every type of scale, mode, and chord used in jazz and popular music IN ALL 12 keys.


The book is structured to take a beginner through the basics of playing in every key, and shows the patterns that a skilled Jazz improviser uses on the bandstand. Sonic Vitamins is primarily a text for Bass and Guitar instruction, but any treble/bass clef instrumentalist can benefit (especially Piano, Mandolin, Violin, C trumpet, Trombone, or Cello).


Great care has been taken to make the information in this book accessible to everybody, regardless of how you like to learn. The exercises are notated in treble and bass clefs, and also 4 string guitar/bass tablature. We have also included a CD, and a DVD with video clips of all the jazz theory you can handle.